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WR board build... 75mph


World Record is going to Fall Hard… 39" of pure road hell.

Anyone use SSS 56xxx Inrunners on their build?

maniac :sweat_smile:


Omg. It’s…it’s beautiful! Well, sort of. Actually, not really. Yet. But I can imagine. You gonna call it the Silver Bullet? :laughing:

#4 You won’t see any of these parts when it’s all together


Damn looks like you are building a dragster, bad ass!


You will live more on this thing in 2min than most people do their whole life…


That’s what i tell the girls i wanna have sex with.


Hahahahaha!!! ^^^^^^^

Best thing I’ve read all day. :wink:


It’s beautiful :heart_eyes:!


Looks badass MoeBro :smiling_imp:

2 wheels and it’s already doing 60 mph! :rocket:

Stooge RaceBoards for the :checkered_flag:


Why so narrow trucks, serious question… ?


Width wise they look like Moe’s 150mm gravity trucks. Some people like e’m narrow. Ronin’s…
Turn in is faster, but not less stable as many think, deffo more grip but easier to lift a wheel, often need softer bushings to dial in set-up in my experience.

Wait and see how this one pans out :wink:


Narrow is good it’s grippier. I’m just curious how Drivetrain goes on that narrow, with the links right against the inner tire? Unless the rear is wider? I’m guessing it’s on the ground upside down in the pictures? Or is this just super low?


Bringing some experience into this build… Working with a pro Downhiller who knows 90+mph and incorperating his expertise. Testing will start in five weeks. This will be a front drive venture to start with, a narrow rear creats less fulcrum input from the axel to the board… taking the drive off the rear also removes that dynamic. Keeping it simple as possible on the rear we both agreed will be the best setup for success…


That’s great man. I was just trying to understand what I was seeing… Hard to.envision the end result until you explained. Thanks


Thats some seriously low turning.

Do you know what sort of equivalent pivot angle that would be?


I measured it at equivilant of a 3deg truck… it will adj from 0 to 7deg on the long arm and 0 to 20deg on the short arm.


Fastest man alive??(on an eskate)


Man you are crazy! I guess it must be fun though!


So what are the biggest hurdles here?

There are skate setups that go incredibly fast, and have been for a really long time.
So it terms of a setup that can reach a particular speed you could just emulate whats out there, but clearly you haven’t.