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WowGo All-Terrain Electric Skateboard - New 2019 Upgrades & Road Test! 🤙🏻



Hi! I meant that since this one is DIY forum people like to build their board themselves. Therefore could be that someone wants to buy either the deck or the truck alone to pair them with other products.


Well… If you looked at the site, you would have known :stuck_out_tongue:
(yes they sell parts)


What about the elephant in the room?



But please “borad of skate” , please correct “upgradation” on your site. Just put “upgrade”.


I like “upgradation”.
It sounds so royally :crown:


I know they sell parts on their website. At the time I wrote the comment there were no AT parts on it and still now I do not see truck only or the drop down deck :grin:


Will you sell the AT battery separately? (14ah)
I am scared that the original wowgo 2s battery will not be enough power if I buy the AT conversion kit


Hi Murdomeek,

If you wanna use the AT board battery to get longer range. You should buy the AT battery case together, cuz the size of AT board battery is too big, and can not put it into the 2S board battery case; Besides, you also need to drill the fasten holes on the deck as per the AT board battery case. So if you really need. You can email to : . Then let’s talk more details.


i emailed them and they said no :frowning:


Hi Bro, who told you no. Send your email again, and Mark in the subject, To Mr Valley Zhang. I will talk with you in person.


Are you going to sell the AT Remote seperately? If i use it with my Wowgo 2s, what advantages does the display offer me. Remote and Board battery + current speed. Correct?


What’s the weight of the AT kit, without the escape and the remote ? (So only 2 motors, 2 trucks, 2 AT wheels) ?
And what’s the kv ?