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Wow ...Who turned off the lights?🔦 The Gr8 ESk8.Builders Crash of 2016



502, you’re a bad gateway! Bad, bad gateway!! Lol

I had a problem bringing up Endless Sphere for a little while there too. I thought maybe some new Russian ESk8 company was about to launch, and they were trying to hack and eliminate all competition first. :open_mouth:



major disk crash in servers…




got that last night . bad gateway . servers too need a break . maybe they go pissin’ somewhere .


Those were the darkest hours in my life :jack_o_lantern:


My life suddenly became boring for like 10 hours :joy:


I knew something wasn’t right. So damn glad to :yum: be back. The world was a little dark for me.


i actually got some work done.


I think sometimes we all take for granted that the forums will be up 24-7. If there’s some way to do PayPal donations to keep the lights on I’m more than happy to contribute.


I was thinking of that the other day @RunPlayBack Donations is a good idea.


I like the idea of donations.

But i also can already hear the kids screaming about it.

Something like:

(Whining)Jason makes the community pay for his marketing forum mimimimimi


Me too!

I’m glad it was only a temporary outage!


I think donations are a great idea. I would be against of the idea of making people pay to use the forum, but the word donation implies optional, not required. And with the regular traffic the sites getting, I’m sure the servers not cheap.


Sure, i know this.
But what i see from the forum in the last two weeks, i do not think everybody here understands that.


What in particular on here makes you think that? I have been stalking on the forum and have not seen anything that would make me feel that way.


I think the biggest contribution that users can do is keeping the threads nice and clean and informative.


Did you follow the enertion related threads?
There is so much childish shit the last weeks.

Every other thread is nice, but it seems every time Jason or Enertion is mentioned (What will happen as it is his Forum), It seems that a small army of impatient jerks (ok, maybe they are a little bit pissed) shows up.


@flatsp0t The forum mods are currently discussing this issue; thanks for pointing it out.