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[WIKI] A beginner guide to DIY an ESK8


Step 1, Click on @e.board_solutions
step 2 click message on the top right corner if you go to his page.

Or click on his name and you will see blue message box from the pop up.



Does anyone have experience with the 90mm Maytech hub motors as well as the DIYeboard 90mm hub motors?
Is one appreciably better in terms of performance or durability than the other?



i’m missing a “6.1 mounting your enclosure”!


I think the diyeboard 90mm hubs perform a bit better, while the maytech hubs are more durable (thicker urethane).


Just saw a video of your board. Looks very nice and stealth but those hub wheel caps are really ugly.


It’s a wiki you can add info :slight_smile:


Hi shepherd, I’m in the same boat as you looking at the same motor, how did you get on with this?


Hi ther im a first time builder just normally a rider but all this information is great just what i need to get started thanks alout cheers.


Where are you from? :slight_smile:


Hi ther im from Australia i got my self a R2 a few months back arfter a long 12 month wait i love it …


Hi!! I’m new to this website. Is there anyone out here from Singapore who have built their own electronic skateboard. Would appreciate if he/she could show me the way on building one here in Singapore. Thanks!


Your post has encouraged me to make an electric skateboard for me. It is the best diy I had ever read. Thanks for this information hope I will make it as fast as I can.


Great post, thank you @e.board_solutions for putting this together. Several things that I hadn’t considered.


you’re welcome :slight_smile:


I’m gonna have to read this a dozen more times. Thanks for the info. Just got gifted a riptide r1 and now I wanna build something a bit better.


Hey Guys need help im 7 feet toll, and 285 lbs and i wanna get Evolve carbon GT is it gonna be good for me or better to build a custom?


DIY build FTW :slight_smile:


Heavily depends on your intended riding style.


Am from SG and have built about 9 boards already (: HMU if you need any help/advice.


Amazing guide thanks