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[WIKI] A beginner guide to DIY an ESK8


Just filled out the form. Your points sometimes goes hand in hand or don´t affect each other.
More range or topspeed? Bigger battery and you achieve both with more power and more range.
Better question would be topspeed vs. torque to see how people like it geared. Although a good setup has both :wink:


i filled it out as well but i left some of the answers blank as @TarzanHBK pointed out the problem with some of the questions.


Thank you guys! I will correct these questions!


Should link to the rise and risk of electric skateboarding clip session error. And talk about safety, helmets at least. Highlight that this is dangerous and can be fatal.


Uhu, it’s a wiki so you should be able to make some changes :slight_smile:


Can I use this motor
Turnigy G25 Brushless Outrunner 710kv?


KV is a little too high on that motor.


With the correct reduction, sure…


Lets not forget that. high RPM and ERPM and make things more complicated.


Are there any programable BMS’s around that are not too expensive? :grinning:


Hey there guys.

I’ve been wanting to build my own electric longboard. But have no idea where to start or how to start.
I would like to have hub wheels instead of a belt driven motor. I also would like it to have a top speed of about 25mph and have power to get up hills with ease. My budget is about 600USD.

Can anyone lead me into the right direction as to what parts I should get, How to build it etc.



Where are you from? If you want to rock uphill, I think it’s better you get belt drive :slight_smile:



Hey there, sorry I couldn’t wait 17 hours so made another account.

Also any recommendations as to what companies I could get my parts from and what to stay away from?

I’ve decided on a 190KV Motor (Don’t know which brand yet)
Also decided on 83mm Wheels ( Also don’t know which brand)
And a 12S2P Battery pack ( Again, don’t know which brand)
Also what ESC would you recommend?
What drive Pulley would you recommend?
What Wheel Pulley would you recommend?
What size belt?

I’d like to have a top speed of 45km/h so what size pulleys and belt will I need?

Really appreciate a quick response.



From South Africa. Where i’m from, we have a lot of potholes and cracks and sometimes the hills can be a bit steep.


Sorry, also what trucks would you recommend?


Their are a lot of good suppliers in the US and EU, but for Africa I don’t know :confused:


I dont need suppliers in Africa as I fly alot.

But could you recommend some parts to me and pulley sizes and belt sizes and truck sizes etc?


yes, DM me, I’m in Belgium EU :slight_smile:


How do I DM you.


I messaged E.board solutions on messenger?