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[WIKI] A beginner guide to DIY an ESK8


I have been reading Beginners Guide to building your own Electric Skateboard Drivetrain

I am based in the UK


You can send me a DM, I got some used parts you could use to save money :slight_smile:


How do I DM you? Never used that feature before? :slight_smile:


Click on the name, which will take you here and then click message


Could it be that you mean PM?


PM , DM it’s the same right? Personal Message, Direct Message :wink:



I made this a wiki, it means anyone can edit the OP… let’s see how this idea goes, if people mistreat it ill remove wiki mode.


This is a great guide! Though can anyone direct me to other guides that talk about ADC control or anywhere where I can get information on how to add a potentiometer to my VESC. I know how to plug it in the controller, I don’t know how to program it. Any help or guidelines would be great! Thanks!!


If you can find a more info, you can place the link in the wiki :wink:


Will definitely do so! Once I find the information. I have been racking the forums for anything similar to that and I know I might not be the only one! :slight_smile:


For specific things you might be the first :wink:


Seems like it! Would you know where I can learn more about how to program with ADC control or something like that of the sort? Anything would help!


Start a topic about it :wink:


Sorry being insistent…but how do you start a forum topic? Thanks!!


You need to read for an 0.5 hours before you can create topics


Ohhhh! Alrighty then! Thanks!!!


So how can I get more range with two10s5p batterys?. other than installing a bigger battery


batteries with higher capacity. What also can help is put less stress on the batteries, limit the amps to 15amp or something :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

New to this forum trying understand everything better. Not sure if I should write this here but I couldn’t find how I open a new topic.

I am a MA student of design innovation and I chose for my major project to build an electric skateboard. I created a quick multiple choice questionnaire that takes only 1-2’, to get some feedback of what people like.

I would much appreciate it if you can take a couple of minutes and fill it up, It will help me a lot.

Here’s the link https://goo.gl/KVwp5y