[WIKI] A beginner guide to DIY an ESK8

Measure twice, cut once?

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Maybe you can add some links from posts that go deeper in a specific topic like motor, esc and battery. So someone can read this post and can learn more about a certain topic in another threat.
Great post btw!

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I’m not an admin or level 3 :confused: Maybe one of the moderators could change it to a wiki?

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Yes that’s a very good idea, I already linked the video about the vesc that someone posted above :slight_smile: Send me some links from good posts you know so I can add them.

Yeah good idea, here are some:

A realy good one about batteries @evoheyax
New user looking for battery? Read this - COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH OF BATTERIES

Here are some from @onloop:
Deck What deck is best for building your own electric skateboard?
diy drivetrain Beginners Guide to building your own Electric Skateboard Drivetrain
the costs of building your own eskate Are DIY Electric Skateboards Cheaper? | The False Economy
C rating What is Battery "C" Rating & Is it important for Electric Skateboards?

This is just a quick search, there are probably more good threads! :slight_smile:

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Added! :slight_smile:


Cut drill hack whatever you’re doing once its done its done. So yeah, measure twice, before drilling cutting hacking etc

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Hey brotha, this is great! I think if a noob reads through this they’ll get a great perspective of what’s involved in a build. What’ I’m finding lately is people asking of soldering is involved or any manipulation to the parts they purchase. I think if a perspective builder is shying away from soldering and some tinkering, to make sure their parts work in concert, then maybe DIY isn’t for them. That could be a disclaimer or preface you might want to add. When a noob sees the sum of these parts some individuals think its plug and play Either way, this write up is super valuable to the community. Awesome contribution!

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Thank you! This was a great place for me to start! Short, concise and informative!

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very informative, i will come often and learn!

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Im doing a college project and decided to make a Normal skateboard electric. I have no idea what I am doing so will someone please help me out?

So far im looking at buying Turnigy Heavy Duty 4000mAh 6S 60C Lipoly Battery Pack from Hobbycraft, Link Below:

Im also looking at the
Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190KV Brushless Outrunner Motor, link below:

Please will anyone advise me if these are good, will they work? What ESC should I be using, pulley system drivetrain? I need all the help I can get.


Did you read the guide? Where are you from? Motor is good, battery can be cheaper (20c is more than enough)

I have been reading Beginners Guide to building your own Electric Skateboard Drivetrain

I am based in the UK


You can send me a DM, I got some used parts you could use to save money :slight_smile:

How do I DM you? Never used that feature before? :slight_smile:

Click on the name, which will take you here and then click message

Could it be that you mean PM?


PM , DM it’s the same right? Personal Message, Direct Message :wink: