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Why is my range only 2 miles on a 6s 5000 mah battery?


I am running on two 3s 5000 mah batteries in series with a 149 kv turnigy motor and I only get 2 miles in range. The esc is the hobby king 150 amp esc. The voltage dropped on each individual battery from 12.6 volts to 11.4 volts. I ran it on a running track, which is obviously flat ground, and was at full throttle most of the time. I’d imagine top speed I reached was somewhere between 15 and 20 mph. Isn’t this setup supposed to get more like 6 miles?


edit: sorry I read that as 6 miles… yes you should see around 6 miles


Not sure, I stopped every so often to check voltage


whats your gearing like?


It is 1:2 gear ratio, with a 70 mm wheel


make sure your belts not to tight. it can cause excessive heat and wasted power.


wait… hang on a minute did you say you stopped at 11.4V ??
thats above nominal… you still got plenty left in there


Was it one of the rubberized running tracks or is it regular asphalt\cement? The softer surfaces of a running track would require a lot more energy to keep moving vs pavement.


Hmm true, I guess I should have realized that. It was a rubber track


How far can I go? I thought batteries get damaged below 11.3 or so


@plongboard mystery solved!


Not completely though, it was completely flat afterall


You can go as low as 3.3V / Cell, so for 3S that would be 9.9V.
If you want to be concervative 3.5 / cell would be ok, again for 3S = 10.5 V.


you can take them down to 9 under load. maybe 10.5 un loaded


yeah what he said.


Ok, that’s great to hear. I’ll test it out next time to 10.5 volts, on pavement… Thanks!


Try another distance test on flat pavement. You lose an incredible amount of efficiency when the there is added rolling resistance.


Yup! will do.