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Why I didn’t go to the Esk8Squad Renegade Vegas Weekend Contest



keep it secret!

keep it safe!


Ok ok ok. So if i win. Ima need an excuse to tell my wife why i won… she cant see this thread… i like my knees.

(Shameless attempt to keep new entries from taking my lead… but also very very true)


True Story I wanted to go but my Hub motors on my Raptor 2 had issues so I sent them in and I am still waiting for my replacement ones.


you won’t need one. I gotta win this. HEY ALL REMEMBER TO LIKE THE LINK BELOW


Na na na … like mine :joy: battle to the death.


Bump bump post or vote bitches


Because my metasurf axles were bent…

(I don’t actually own the metasurf but it sounds good👍)


Buuuuuuump it baby


YESSS!!! Most likes!!!

Also @Michaelinvegas, @iKNOWaFATman is the real winner because @12meterkuk and I cheated a bunch :laughing:




Let’s count them without cheats yeah? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


internet high five

we can continue this in PM @12meterkuk

Thanks for the great contest @Michaelinvegas!




Hahah and here I thought had some sort of control over this lll


hehe yea I noticed what was going on and the last 20 minutes were a total race


@anorak234 & @12meterkuk

You guys tell me who won lol


I think without our cheating it was @iKNOWaFATman because we inflated everybody else’s likes near our posts


I have 30 legit hearts :heart:@anorak234 count yours up