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Why do so many people endorse surf rods rkp trucks?


Agreed @davidbonde


alphamail directed me to this. This mod has been done to fit the chubby. But I am thinking of just taking away the stuff that blocks the lean.

The only thing here is that I think it can only be made on one side of the hanger. But that’s a good start.


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I have missed silverfish since it was closed so much knowledge on there that is how I first found out about the rice paper technique for laying down a graphic.


Just hop on a fight order them before you leave have them shipped to a ups store pick them up hop back on the flight boom you have yourself surf rodz. The most expensive pair ever but surf rodz none the less


He was clearly making a joke regarding bringing up channels.


I’ve been hesitant to respond to this thread, as people get very passionate about trucks for some reason.

I currently have 4 sets of Surf Rodz, 3 TKP’s and 1 RKP. Surf Rodz TKP’s are my favorite trucks ever, they are carvy and stable and the bushing seat gives a lot of freedom to bushing types & bushing setup.

There is a huge performance difference in precision v’s cast/forged trucks, the balance is better and they last longer. It has to be mentioned that there is no other less expensive precision truck than Surf Rodz, but that’s not why I like them so much. If they were 3 times the price, like the Paris & Caliber precision trucks, I would still use them.

Lots of people are looking for stability at speed and carveability at speed, typically this requires 2 different setups. With SR TKP’s you can hit 30 mph easy and still be stable and carvy at the same time. Keep in mind that ‘at speed’ on a push board is massively different that on a powered board. The weight difference and torque capabilities make esk8’s a different animal all together.

My biggest issue with TKP’s is usually the lean return when coming out of a turn, the SR bushing seat solves this. If I had to find something to complain about it would be that there isn’t a large variety in hanger length on SR TKP’s. A 200mm TKP hanger would solve so many problems.

I’m not an expert, I just know what I like. I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t like SR’s after giving them a go.


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Anything is an opinion until a hypothesis has been formed and quantifiable data has been produced via controlled testing. I don’t think we’re quite there yet given the age of this sport.

I’ve learned a lot from your posts on here, I certainly don’t just disregard your input, but I also will never blindly follow anyone regardless of their expertise without data to back it up.

So I saw a lot of discussion of vehicle dynamics applied to skateboards, and some people saying: “that doesn’t work” and a some people saying: “well I ride these daily and what’s being claimed here doesn’t match my own experience”.

In my eyes, that’s a lot of opinions and most of the opposing discussion was coming from those who had “ridden their buddies carver for a bit” and suddenly have authority to speak on the topic. I’m not even pointing that at you, but that’s how that discussion went down from my pov.


I preach this so often that it hurts my ears to hear it anymore, but… Correlation does not imply causation



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It was a lighthearted reference to opening up this debate again is all. This truck thread and the others have been extremely informative so absolutely none taken my friend.


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Because for all of the vehicle dynamics terminology you’ve applied to the discussion, you’ve spoken almost entirely in theory & hyperbole.

Sure, but could you quantify this statement in the context of ESK8? Scale & mass matters in vehicle dynamics. I’m not saying this statement is incorrect, but what does that equate to in the real world? Do these problems overcome any amount of rider ability, dampening, tuning at “50+mph”? 60?

You simply stating they’re inherently unstable because of X,Y, Z dynamics doesn’t tell us anything about how this translates to the road.

The original statement that sparked all of this was:

Which is utterly false. So what is true? Clearly we have riders that can take these to 30-40 which is what 95% of people would likely ever want, so what’s the magic number that takes into account rider experience, board setup, road conditions? Calling them unstable when they can stably reach speeds the majority of riders are comfortable riding in seems contextually blind just to make a point.

That’s my entire point. There really can’t be. There’s been a lot of speaking in absolutes without consideration for how many complicated variables are at play here.

Edit: i fully realize I’m a knob for managing to make this about channels


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I’d like to propose a solution I think actually works when the 90% rider control is lost and that 10% physics take over regarding anti-wobble tech.

I 100% agree that most implementations we’ve seen have been dumb af. But, how do you feel about a steering damper applied to the rear truck?

To bring back some of the previous discussion about the rear leading, adding a damper to the rear must help to mitigate some of that inherent instability back there. In my experience getting wobbles at 49mph, and in my experience adding a damper to the rear, I have to say I feel like it helped with stability a lot. I felt like I didn’t have to be “as good of a rider” watching my every twitch, careful about my form and weighting the front as religiously as prior to adding the damper. I still do all those things but it felt like adding a safety net, my board ended up feeling like it would never just pop into a instability if I messed up like before. It just ended up feeling inherently stable.

That’s kind of of topic here, but you did bring up that you always talk anti-wobble tech down, so I just felt like I aughta bring it up.


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I have not tried surfrodz yet but I do understand the price.

Honestly I’ve been using TB218 trucks at my weight for a long time with 3 different mounts and many different motors never had an issue, I did upgrade them to the almost precision kit from Miurskate and my trucks feel carvy but super stable even at my max personal speed of 47mph


@Deckoz you have been 100% right. These guys keep busting your chops and you have done an awesome job laying it out in simplicity. Masking a inherent problem so it does what you want doesn’t make it right, it just makes it work. Development and testing is the only way to make a function better. Understanding a problem and understanding why it’s a problem has to happen before a fautly design can be improved on. Setup is a configuration to dial a function to do perform a specific task. Channel trucks for EsK8 racing need development. This development will make a better more tunable truck for Joe Rider. To the Nay Sayers. Use action, take your best and bring it to the hill.
@deckoz I think you have beat the poor dead horse to an unrecognizable pulp and its time to bury it.

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