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Whoosh! Motormounts for Caliber, TB, Surfrodz



So the motor plates needs to have a center to center distance of 80mm instead of 72mm to fit on the Surfrodz as well as Calibers. This is how it will look except with 12mm motor pulleys:

PNL 23° Baseplates group buy only 10 available

Looks great. Are they mounted on a E-caliber truck in the pictures above?


no, those are surf rodz tkp trucks.


@Indiangummy is right. You could use them on E-calibers also with the caliber clamp if you like. I will split it up into different configs on the website when they are ready.


I have the longer motorplates for rearward mounting in the works now, any feedback is appreciated.

  • C-C distance = 95mm ± 4mm

  • Black AL7075 6.9mm thick, 5.9 at motor.

  • Fits clamps for SR TKP, TB218, Caliber

  • Bonus: Possible to run 50x motors as well with adjustable idlers.




oops. forgot this: 10 chars


Nice job!!


Thanks! :+1: I will produce these, the 80mm motorplates, tkp clamps, 16T motor pulleys and maybe some modular Kegel pulleys 36t, for 12mm belts.

Also there’s 20%off on the fixed mounts on the webshop from now until next week!


I just bought the " Dual mount complete – with idlers and crossbars" from the website!
Your mount design is the only one that ticks all the boxes for what I was looking in a mount (reliability).


It looks very well studied and well thought out!
I like all the possibilities without compromise.

And those …
hooooooo :scream:

:exploding_head: :+1::+1::+1:
I want to ride your board man !!
Is it going to be your own esk8 ?


I have spent way to much time designing these mounts :joy:

Yes, it will be my own esk8, you can have a go if you visit Tromsø some day :+1:


I posted my first impressions of the dual mount kit (without taking it to the road yet) in another thread: Reliable Caliber II truck motor mounts?


@Mikaelj Where can I find the link to the 3d printed belt covers? Thanks.


@gmurad I will send you the link later today. What wheelsize?


Thanks. It’s 90mm


@gmurad Here you have it for 90mm wheels without idlers:

Will make some different versions and put on the website later.


Thanks! I will print these and try. Will report back with a picture


@gmurad Did they fit well? Or any changes needed?


Hey, how is it meant to be attached to the mount? The screw hole is blocked by the motor