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Who Watches Anime?


Heh i wonder if anyone on here has watched Air Gear…


Of course it’s a classic .


Haha that anime is half the reason im building an electric board :joy: gotta fulfill that childhood dream


the recent Star Blazers (remake) really made my week. I was glued to the originals as a kid and this remake treats the source content with great respect and typical Japanese precision (I was told producers hired the original vocalists’ son for the theme song and used all 1970s analog synths to re-create each sound effect).


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (Is It Wrong to Try to Hit On Girls in a Dungeon) had me in tears laughing the other day lol



Ive watched a ton of different shows, but has anyone watched Ajin?

Now thats a neat show

e: just to clarify im not saying its better than other shows, im simply saying its very unique :slight_smile:


Anyone watched erased?


Of course , the manga ended better than the anime


Spongebob is my favorite anime


Didn’t know about manga ending, finished terrors in resonance. Didn’t like it. Any suggestions in same category?


As Erased? I guess The Promised Neverland is pretty lit and similar


Ive viewed a huge amount of various shows, however has anybody viewed Ajin?Presently that is a perfect show just to clear up im not saying its superior to different shows, im essentially saying its extremely exceptional.

I am finding Yaoi manga. This manga is not find please suggest a this manga.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


you betcha :slight_smile:

seems like @Tamatoa has too

E: our comments are pretty similar lol. ARE YOU ME. :laughing:


Yep watched the anime but it was some time ago so there should some catching up now then I read the manga. I enjoyed that anime/manga a lot.
Those are nice too deadman wonderland, baccano and parasyte.


oh man parasyte was sooo good :slight_smile:

ugh ill have to rebinge it again :laughing:


Baki! Its like Jojo mixed fist of the north star




I ain’t gonna lie, that storyline with little girl chimera got some tears out of me. Got into anime with DBZ, Saint seya, Hokuto shin ken, city hunter etc and at the time I would never have thought those cartoons could be so seriously emotional.

By the way, @Deckoz your tattoo is the one scar has on his arm in FMA, right?


I’m still upset about Naruto when a certain someone dies.

And I’m watching One Piece right now and two major characters just got killed off in succession. Wtf.


Wait what?! What episode are you currently at?


Around 500.
Edit: 485

Didn’t wanna give anything away, lol.