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Who needs a bms lol


I always that you have two options and neither of them are BMS-less

You can buy a BMS, or you can be BMS

So far I’ve went the second option due to space constraints in both buildings, but as others said you have to know what you are doing, a solid battery constructions with quality cells

This second option you are more open to problems should any cell fail, even worse during charge


Normally I think the parallel cells seem a potential mechanical failure point and ideally 12 cells (or one!) would be safer, but electrically with cells in parallel fed in series, the current is forced and if a cell is damaged and therefore has a reduced capacity it still must take that forced current and result in high voltage and heat etc, but with the cells paralleled they seem an electrical safety feature and the paralleled cells take the current that the bum single cell would otherwise take. (I haven’t seen how a Parallel pack w a bum cell reacts so don’t know). How hard is it to blow up paralleled cells? Every fire I’ve heard of started from shorting