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Wheel Durometer and Drag


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This is a really good picture with some good information.
Now, I would like someone to explain to me how a Harder durometer wheel has more Drag?

Recommend me good hub motors

A harder durometer has a higher rebound over bumps. More energy bounces back in the direction of the hit causing you to slow down. A perfect test for you would be to ride off of a smoothly paved asphalt road onto a worn, pitted asphalt road using hard wheels first, then soft durometer wheels second. There is a tipping point to durometer though when it starts to get too mushy and then slow. I think it’s about 74a.


that’s a really good explanation. Thanks for that.
its an interesting concept, because it is surface dependent. If you were riding polished concrete all day the results would be totally different to a rough gravel road.


I agree. Though I wonder what effects grains of dirt and pores in the surface would have on different durometers?


Rebound and duro are different. U can have one without the other.