What's your other ride?

Got a pair of these bad boys. Been working perfectly fine after 4 months.




at the end of last year I bought a new audi rs3 to end the era of combustions engines with a bang. 5zylinder ralley sound with 400hp, been fiddling mostly with the car the last few months, lots of small adjustments, new race suspension, light performance wheels, oil heating, removing seats, cage coming soon and in june its a first time for me with a car on a race track (been riding motorcycles on race tracks for 7years now)!


That’s a nice one! I guess hatchback is only available in Europe. Automatic?

I picked Focus RS up last year in March as well I have been taking this bad boy to the track since then. It was pretty solid as it was but I felt there is something missing so I replaced with a bigger intercooler and tuned with Cobb, now it makes 410 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque at the wheel.

It’ll be awesome, someday if we meet at Nürburgring.


Car is an old Citroen, I like bikes and have a couple of aprilias, falco and tuono

When I get my workshop the stable expands + maybe getting a skids kodiac


My Trusty KTM 1190 Adventure R

and my Mazda MX 5. Fun car but i should probably get another one sooner or later sicne i can barely fit my E-Sk8’s in there

(dont have any photos of mine so just imagine this car and include alot of dirt)


1995 300 straight 6 with 5 speed

2005 Husaberg FS650e plated



wow, love the focus rs, especially in that blue :heart_eyes:

how does it perform on the track? i was really unhappy with the rs stock suspension, was wobbly and unprecise, car was rolling like crazy. its now a more track oriebted suspension and lowered by another 3cm - the effect was massive, superhappy now!

I have to finished, don’t know when actually :sob:


Picked this up today:


is that an '83? It looks new! Baller find, congrats.

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these bad boys are what cart me around when my board is out of order. they’re the 2003 Foot RS in white. working on upgrading them with twin turbos and better suspension


Watch out for blow gaskets (blisters) and corrosion (corns). :grinning:


Thanks, it’s an 82, only 1300 miles.

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I was very impressed with the Audi fully digital instrument display and minimalistic interior when I saw the car in person while ago. :+1:

When I drove focus RS for the first lap, it wasn’t disappointing out of the box and the confidence built up quickly to go faster for the second lap, I didn’t have to “fight /attack” for corners, it went right along.

I must say it’s quite different from Lotus that I have driven last 10 years on the track, it’s like “analog vs digital”. It drives like “a well built analog race car” in a heavy hatchback but easier, a little bit of understeer but quickly I could adapt it to prevent it next corner.

I guess in the 10 years of gab, the technology has been quite evolved.

Obviously, there is some room to improve such as camber adjustments, better springs (Eibach springs), and stiffening the chassis etc. the best mod I did to the car was replacing the racing tires. I must say It’s a good track day daily driver.


I’m digging the blackout and the Storm trooper is a nice touch. Bad ass mustang.


How’s the Focus RS been in terms of reliability? It seems to me like the perfect practical car that also has performance, but I’ve heard some of the Focus ST’s have had turbo issues, makes me worry about the RS

All the “performance cars " are supposed to be driven hard and built strong right? people love to modify it with a bigger turbo with more boosts they call it " Tuning”. Ford brought Focus RS to the USA for the first time for the fans who want more power but still, it’s happening as they beat the shit out of it on the track including my myself.:grin:

I got one recall from ford for replacing a head gasket, it has been blown among some people in Europe. In the power of the internet, Ford decided to replace it with a better-designed gasket for the engine.

It’s not only happening to Ford but also, Subaru STI, Evo, BMW, Audi you name it.

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The office ride.