What's your other ride?


2017! its pretty aight. Coming from a N/A Leggy its definitely better. I blew a piston rod with only 80k on the motor of that thing :frowning: here’s what that car looked like:


So my Maxda MX5 from 1995 died yesterday… seeing her bleeding hurts :see_no_evil:

so i ordered this little lad today :slight_smile: :


Brand new BMW? :sweat_smile:


Anybody got a VW bus? I’ve been looking at buying a split window for quite a while now…


just got this in the mail three days ago. almost got the pink but got black. amazing deal. 1150$ with sram force


I ride my raptor more than I drive these days. Here’s my other two. I was forced to get a “family car” last year. Got to keep the Lexus though. :slight_smile:


Somebody on YouTube converted a Kombi to an electric


If only I had time… and money… :joy:


This is my daily…

It has 33s on it now, not those dinky tires :slight_smile:



Damn dude that old CJ is sweet… my dream jeep would be a CJ7 scrambler… too back they are as rare and expensive as gold…

Right now I get to work on this bad boy: just drove it 30 miles this past weekend to a card and coffee meet. Haha I’m looking to sell it if you are near north Florida and want another old jeep. 1949 CJ-3A



This guy was whipple charged

84 SVO Turbocharged


Not my ride, but FYI @adboio :slight_smile:


Very nice. I like 3a’s. They may not get there fast but they will get there over a house, a mountain, other cars…can’t stop them.


My daily driver :laughing::articulated_lorry:


What I drive when I don’t ride.





see, not as spoiled as you think