What's your other ride?

For those who dont know its somewhere between a truck and a sedan with an engine that puts most sports cars to shame.

Got any more pics of the ute? Looks interesting. And is that a Skyline too? You Aussies roll some clean ass rides.

@lowguido I’m digging your street rockets too. But isn’t most of Oz (that is what you call it, right?) unpaved no man’s land? Where are your all terrain outback monsters?

You know, like the Aussie equivalent of this Russian beast.

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Nice one! I have a '73 in storage. Needs an engine and tranny rebuild, but otherwise in nice condition. Been waiting until my kids get old enough to sit in the front seat before I get it back up and running. No point until then. Picked it up for a song when I was a kid and rebuilt it. Only has 150hp, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun to drive!


LOL yeah @Mobutusan when im not riding my kangaroo I’m in my bushmaster.


Just got her back from the mechanic… She is called WildeBEAST.



What car is that?

Hi Chris. Its a Renault Megane RS265 2lt Twin scroll turbo FWD 265hp, limited slip diff perfo hub front suspension to get the tractiion down. Google it for nurgburg ring. Did it in 8.08. Fastest FWD on that track at the time. Beating many cars more exotic and expensive. If you ever get a chance to drive one do it. Great drivers car.

Oh it doesnt seem to be available in the US :frowning: wish it was


Yeah, rotaplane. :slight_smile:

If that’s your other ride… were getting together for a beer sooner rather than later :+1: @elkick

Working on my permit currently, takes a while. But it’s a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

Very nice ride! Driven by your VESCs? :joy:

Unfortunately they are not allowed in Switzerland…

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This car and the snowboard


I had no idea you were such car fans. Here are my other rides:



blew up my motor on my 09 legacy. bought one these


@t1m0007 Nice ride! 2016 WRX? I’ve got around 170k on my 2004 WRX wagon and she’s still running strong despite all my modding and abuse. Love that car.

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