What's your other ride?


Called “LaBaguette”…
I know its spelled wrong but sounds smooth.
It has sucessfully beaten the hell out of the Nürburgring (with only a little breakdown lol) and is an awesome daily commuter.



I’m not naming names but I found an oil can in the front seat.


My evo that normally gets year round action. The AWD really shines for driveability and fun when the winter here in Minnesota comes!

She’s semi-broken right now and needs some love, but I’ve been addicted to this forum for awhile now. I need to just complete my build and get back to the car :grin:


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for a while I was collecting '89 Toyotas but I had to let the Sleek Burgundy Beauty go when a friend needed a car.



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Is that a 70 series I see there?


It’s an FJ62. We didn’t get the 70 series in the US.

If you ever want to talk to everyone show up in that truck and start unloading electric longboards. You will never escape the parking lot :slight_smile:



Ya - I got an 80 series and that’s roughly the idea :wink:


The one below looks like the second pic now. Same truck. Sick of driving a billboard…


i dont own so many cars .
these are all rental .
rental by the hour . minimum 4hrs .


THIS is my other ride that i will be working on . an american brought it over to singapore aaaaaaaaaaand after a few years later (i think) ? sold it to me for just SGD $350 .
no ! ! ! !
actually its an E~Glide from USA .
36V lead acid . model 2010 or 2014 maybe ?!! i dont know .
he sold me all the package .
1x eglide
1x longboard deck 48"
1x set of black 4 wheels (not in picture)
1x charger
1x replacement cable (for controller)
2x belts


@mostwanted Whoa, that thing is a monster!


Its taken me so long to reply to this thread even though it came about from my conversation.
Here are my current rides:
Nissan elgrand:

Nissan GTI-R:

Subaru Forester:



Aussie in the house!
Most people here probably wouldn’t know what that ute was.


Yup no clue


Yeah I find it strange the rest of the world didn’t embrace the ute like australia


Don’t you stick the Kangaroos that you hit in the back?

Our raccoons don’t get that big


Nah the law is to start a fire roadside and grill any roadkill, have my supplies in the back :grin: