What's your other ride?


93 jeep wangler


Aussie classic…GTR XU1

This was my daily driver for 10 years.
Sold her for $12000…5 years later they were 6 figures…

Nothing like the sound of triple Webber’s…


That’s a pretty car but the Webber carburators though, I wonder if it’s the same that were used on AMC 304s in Jeep CJs. They were put on earth just to frustrate me and make me drink more Jameson :grinning:.


Not sure about the AMC 304s
Triple Stromberg’s were standard on the XU1
These were 45 DCOE Weber’s and an absolute bitch to tune.

Way beyond my skill level. It took me years to find someone who could tune them properly.
I use to start her at 3 am to go to work…all the windows in the house would rattle and shake…lol

When you stuck your boot into her the sound was money…:grin:

I got this picture in my head a bearded bloke half way in some engine bay, garden hose up to his ear screwdriver in the other hand cursing about something, bottle of Jameson nearby…:joy:



I usually just replace the intake with an edlbrock air gap and a 650 cfm avenger, they are pretty much tuned out if the box.

I hear you on the sound, it’s epic :grinning:.


1970 Honda N600, did a complete engine rebuild and used it as a daily driver for over a year. Unfortunately had to sell it to make way for other opportunities but it was a fun little car.


I love webber side draft carb. Ran them on all my little ratrod datsun and toyotas. Nothing beats that sound



I hope I don’t show off with this, but I have several rides to choose from…

  • Taipei bike
  • Taipei Metro
  • Taipei Bus

…and yes even the Maokong gondola…




2nd ride


They both get me from point a to point b. Not much fun though.


My other eskate is my other ride


My other ride,… with a few other recreational vehicles


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