What's your other ride?

good few bikers on here…good to see

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“Do you know what lipo’s are really made of? Hmm?”

Really nice with the chrome frame!:heart_eyes::clap:

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Ahhhhhh, the memories. I used to do some crazy shit for real on a Big Wheel. I actually got a concussion when I was 5 because of a Big wheel :slight_smile:


Lol yeah those things were dangerous the way we rode them. We’d make plywood kicker ramps and put them at the bottom of grass hills hahaha I don’t even think I owned a helmet until I got older

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My daughter’s the same way it’s scary. That’s a mic cord tied to a little thing with caster wheels on it hahaha. Plus that was two years ago she’s way crazier now, kid learned to ride without training wheels this year and first thing she did was learn to hop off curbs cue tiny heart attacks


In 2004 I bought a Tacoma standard cab manual trans. brand new for 18k. I owned it for 13 years. I sold it last year with 97k miles for $10,700. Do the math on that! Tacoma’s are the best vehicle on the planet. I took that $ and purchased a 2017 double cab V6 4x4.


Here is a pic for reference. The new truck is in the background. Don’t know why it is upside down.


Are you in Australia? That would explain it. :slight_smile:


Hawaii, close enough. :grinning:

I am sure you have seen all the news coverage of the lava flow? I am 20 minutes from that flow. I drive right by there every other day to go surfing, but that whole area is shut down until things calm down.

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Ewww, in case noone has said it…don’t ride through lava :slight_smile: .

My wife is fascinated by volcanoes and lava flows specifically, she dying to come see it.

I got sent over to PTA, put on standby for support in case it gets worse.

Lots of video out there until you can bring her for a visit. Link below, youtube as well.

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One of them isn’t around any more… :frowning:


PTA? provide technical assistance? You will have to help me out with the acronym’s.

Land Ride:

Sea Ride:


I used to love the Del Sol. The top removal is a bit annoying

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I figured it out. E1 is rank, so must be National Guard. Lots of you guys over here at the moment doing a great job!

Close. I’m actually a W2, E1Allen was my username back for college. We brought six helicopters UH-60 type over to help evacuate if the time came. PTA is the big training area between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.