What's your other ride?


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Here’s mine😃



that might just be the worst park job i’ve ever seen :rofl:

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Really??? You got to go out and check more supermarket parkings dude

Although it’s true its pretty bad…


my thing is that this dude thought it was good enough to take a pic of to show off :wink:

Oki. I get your point

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West side represent


Monday though Friday, how she’s park at work.

My other ride:

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Got the custom plates last night! (Bass is my other passion)


my 1987 base model Toyota Pickup.

at the moment it needs a whole new engine. Jake is working on the interior and i’m working on saving up for the engine because its seized. All the peripherals are good, though. New AC, new cooling, new alternator, tranny is solid. And the ASA AR1s look great on it. That’s original paint, too.

it delivered a whole ass load of space cells once upon a time…

carried my ass to the trails a thousand times…

photobombed a lot of baby shots of Simon…

moved furniture into our new home… that we’ve now been in for a while…

it often propped up my original 6S build that was sporting a large metal enclosure by TorqueBoards…

it reflected sunlight like a summabitch

i hope i can get her running again soon.


I just got a 2008 Toyota Tacoma, I love it :slight_smile:


ITs always Taco Time! I love my yotas. We also have a 2015 Camry my wife drives and I’m currently riding in an 09 RAV4. Neither of which are really picture worthy. But my baby truck man… can’t wait to get her running again. Around 140hp at 2500 pounds it has a decent power to weight ratio and drives like a fucking go-cart on those low profile Sumitomos. When i dropped the 50 pound rear bumper it really let the rear end loose and now it loves to just swing the whole ass end around when you dump the clutch.

Jake took one of the leaf springs out to drop it an inch in the back, so now its levelled.


I have too many cars

2016 Honda Civic Touring
2007 Honda Element 6 speed manual ( utility car)
2002 Mercedes S55 AMG (selling gas guzzler)
2007 Scion TC (Girlfriends car I gave her)
1997 Nissan 240sx (heavily modefied 500whp race car)

I’ll get pics when I go home.


I HAD the same car. Loved the Element but had to get something else after having a kid, that suicide door did not work well with an infant. I now have a Honda Ridgeline, aka, the dual action tailgate “truck” with a trunk under the bed. (pic is not my car though)


I like the Ridgeline but out of my price range I was looking for a beater and got the Element for 4k and its manual. Only mod I have in it is the 6 speed. They only come 5 speed.

I work for Honda btw