What's your other ride?


I got this idea from another thread where a couple of guys were talking cars. There is a ton of talent on this forum in terms of craftsmanship and creativity. So I’ve always been curious if some of y’alls vehicles reflected that. Here are a few of mine from the past. Feel free to post cars, trucks, motorcycles, go karts etc!


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My two most dependable rides :wink:


Fixie? Looks like I see bullhorns.


@stuxtruth That is a sick silvia! I used to have one like that but not as nice looking.

edit: and damn! I didnt even see that X70!! sweeet!


I would post a picture of my girlfriend but if I do I probably won’t have one for long :wink:


This is why I tend to ride my eboard whenever I can.

Just look at the #JeepProblems on any social media app…




On an icy day after a car wash. 2014 Toyota Camry XLE hybrid


After hours and hours of shoveling last winter (epic storm on the east coast)

Audi A4 2008 2.0T Quattro


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Until three weeks ago, now this, because, um you know, grown up lame reasons.


A new benz?? what do you DO for a living lol. nice ride!


Here’s my dirty girl rocking her favorite rally shoes. She loves getting all sloppy in the mud. Used to be my main obsession before I found out about eSk8’s. Now, I’ve got no time left for her. :cry:

And having a little fun with EL wire at a night rally cross race.


My girl. She can be sharp. 1,8 and 115hp