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Whats goes wrong in my board?



Hi, I’m new in this forum. I’m opening this topic cause my board two month ago stopped to work while i was braking hard. I’ve tried to solve the problem with ownboard, but i’m waiting for a long time, so I’m tired. Now I’ve disassembled my board to try to understand the problem. Ownboard said to me that the problem Is the bms. I’ve done two Electric test on the battery pack and It results that there are 30V and not. 36V. So What I have to do? I want to buy a new bms on Amazon and try to change It. Sorry for my bad english and for my ignorance. Thank you


its ownboard, they can sort it out. Ask them for a replacement battery and/or bms


Aren’t they on here somewhere? Replacement is the only option now because its not worth trying to rig another bms on that battery because the problem could very well be the battery. Get them to fix it unless you’ve had it for over a year then good luck.


I’ve tested All of the Sanyo and they results that they have 3,6V. The entire battery pack results 31V, so I’ve bought this bms on AliExpress:
I think that Is similar to the standard bms


I had the same issue and ownboard sent me a new and better BMS, I replaced it myself, I made a video about it and would love to make a thread about it to help people but I can’t make a thread for the moment for some reasons…
EDIT : I did it ! Here you have : Ownboard W1S BMS problem and how I changed it + REVIEW and range test