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What's a good balance charger for charging in series


Hi guys me again!

What’s a good inexpensive balance charger that I can get for charging batteries in series?
And could someone tell me what type of connectors are on these battery’s and what harness I would need for putting them in series as well as any other leads I may need?

Many thanks


The Imax B6 is a very popular balance charger


Those leads are HXT 4mm.


I would also suggest getting the IMAX B6 but the version 2. Here is a link. With the V2 you don’t need a power supply, just plug it into the wall.


I don’t recommend charging multiple packs in series but if your going to do that then you will need a series y-cable for the main leads and you will need a series adapter for the balance leads. Basically the charger will need to see your two 3s packs as one 6s pack and your charge settings would be for a 6s lipo at 5 amps for 1C charge rate.
A less complicated way is to get a multi bank charger. I run dual packs in series myself but I charge them separately with a dual back charger. There not very cheap though. I think I paid about $120 for mine.


OK great thanks. Where would I purchase a duel bank charger from? UK based if possible.



If you want to save money, make a harness so you can balance charge as one big battery. Otherwise spend some money on a dual pack charger.


I use an Imax B6 to charge two 3s 5000mAh packs in series.
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The Imax B6 is a 50W 6S charger, at 6S it delivers little over 2A, so it takes me approx 2.5h to charge the packs, which is no biggie because I swap out packs so there’s always a fresh pair waiting.


you are not really charging the full 5000mAh each time are you? If so what is your cut off voltage for your batteries?
I start to charge mine once they hit anything lower than 3.7V per cell in order to keep them healthy - which means I kind of use only half of the actual capacity.
If it takes you 2.5h to charge them you are draining them too hard!




Great thanks! So with this I can charge two battery’s separate right?
Can’t seem to source the imax one mentioned everywhere us out of stock so looks like the more expensive one!


This is the same charger that I’m using. It charges 2 packs separately and simultaneously.


Here’s another one




This one looks like the best. Capable of 100 watts on both banks


I was bored this winter and ran a few discharge tests which turned op 3.6V as an ideal cutoff voltage. Below 3.6V there really ain’t no juice left.
So for all intents and purposes I am charging and discharging the full 5000 mAh.
My watt-meter confirms after a ride and my charger concurs after charging.


Oh wow did not know that - always just assumed that there was quite some unused capacity in mine. I should start paying attention to the mAh shown by the charger and keep riding them until 3.6V - thanks for the graph!


Charging a 5000mah pack at 1c takes a charger that can do 5 amps at 6s.
A 100 watt charger will do it and will fully charge a 6s/5000 pack in 1 hour or less


Some brands of batteries are more robust than others.
I’m using Zippy’s and I try not to go below 22.2v just to be safe.


Thanks great help :slight_smile: