What to do while waiting for parts?


I’ve got this lil shit sitting in my corner

waiting for a motor and vesc. It’s been raining for the past couple of days. The hell do I do?


Order more parts for future projects.


Push ups, pull-ups, red tube, run.


you can still push it right?
oh rain… undercover car parks!


@link5505 Add lighting, work on an enclosure, mount a volt meter/fuel gauge in the deck, read forums, watch videos…check the mail?


Got a drill & some spare time?



:smiley: been thinking about this yesterday, still waiting on a motor mount, so went to the local skate shop and bought some new bushings for my other board (non-electric cruiser) to play with.


Lick it! Ones or twice a day.
I would :smirk: it’s gorgeous.