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What kind of connectors do you use? (Poll)

  • 4mm Bullet
  • 3.5mm Bullet
  • HTX 4mm
  • XT-60
  • Deans (T-Plug)
  • Micro JST
  • 5.5 mm Bullet
  • XT-90

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I’m doing a poll to see what kind of connectors people are using most of the time for the e-board batteries. Shameless plug: I’m doing this in order to know what kind of connectors I should offer with my next product, an inexpensive high-power switch. But in addition to that, this would be useful information to others as well!




You might include 5.5mm bullet which is very commonly used.
I don’t think anyone uses 3.5mm bullets.
Some people are using XT90 connectors. You might include them as well.


Okay, whew. Thanks for that haha, it didn’t let me change the poll but I created a new one instead.


Glad to help


Not in the list: XT150


I voted XT90. But I also use HXT8.0 cause I share batteries with my 10+ hp rc boat. Way overkill for these lower power boards. They work though.


Just an idea, you could just have options on your site (store) and have the top 3 connectors on their (xt90,xt60,5.5bullet etc), might take a little extra effort but is good service imo.


i use deans for my board and drones but im moving to xt60. voted deans btw


EC5 and 5mm bullets


long story short: 5.5mm bullet and xt60-90 are the most common, im switching over from deans to xt90s