What is the real time to deliver


Thanks, I have a look on it, Weight and power seem good. Range is between 7-11km and can reach 15 if the wind is blowing the good direction.

Question: to do my Esk8 initiation you are suggesting to set my choice on a low cost low-end product rather than a high performance one. Visiting it’s website there is 2 models, and also demonstration models that are 60% of the price of a new one and get the same 2 years warranty. What do you think x1/x1 pro and new or demonstration?

Link to new models

Link to used or demonstration models


I wish you would build your own. It will change you… :wink:


Thats the range of the x1. X1 pro has double that! No demo board - I bet one of them is the soaked board in the video :sweat_smile:


I will certainly, But riders here gave to me some good guideline as delays seems to go by months or quarters, so I gonna buy a pure prebuild to start to practice and get a real idea of what I want as specification and then in // I will start a DIY project.

One advantage to be 51 yo engineer, is that I have into my contact list some subcontractors that are doing manufacturing for aerospace industries and own industrial CNC for prototyping that are able to mill TA6V alloys. They did it for me at materials cost only ( labor and services were for free).


Yes, good comment, here it is 4:20 am, so time for me to go to bed. Gonna contact him soon. I think that with your assistance Bioboards has lost a 2500 € excl vat deal… and 2200 for evolve.


“Most people riding diy baords have a small fleet if they plan to commute or ride regularly, these things are bombing down the road vibrating like jackhammers with overweight old men who can’t afford a Ferrari but need that sweet midlife crisis on top of them. They break.”.

So true. I give my wife this same speech each time she say “you are too old for this skateboard thing”. Once I save enough for race car I will give up my diy electric skateboard.


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I’ve switched to a 15 years younger “release”, if she trys to start this discussion, my answer should probably I am supposed (next years) to be young enough to kill my nights with a baby, so let me ride during weekend.

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Run out and get a vasectomy my friend. Right now. Don’t tell her. Never mind sweetie it just wasn’t meant to be kind of thing.


Hahaha… Nobody will do some customization to my prebuild shape, even internal, I was, I am and I will continue to be a stoke version…


You’ve got to be mental to want a baby at 51. I have an 11 year old and thats bad enough. :grimacing:


Hi @McErono,

so I’ve checked on websites as well as youtube many comments and video.

Timeline @10:45

Timeline @8:45

it seems that Exway is getting bad comments on range and wheel from 1X and this continue (wheels scratch) with 1X-PRO.

even if support is local, to have to go for maintenance every month is not sexy. Do you have some feedback to share with me? I was ready to bypass the brainstorming period and to sent my order next Monday (tomorrow) but now after YouTube watching I will continue on my initial path: Decision in July, bypass is over!

@BoostedBuilder: Thanks for your notification, but boostedBoard does not have any representative near my locations (France/Paris, Switzerland/Lausanne), nor Europe. Can you confirm it to me?

this is something mandatory for maintenance.


hub wheels tend to chunk. they only have a thin layer of urethane on them and are under stress due to the heat of the motors. I have 500km on my x1 (non pro) and changed the backwheels once. 5 screws are involved each wheel. the x1 comes with spare wheels and they are better than anything E delivered so far :wink:

warranty maintenance is for battery or esc issues. if you don‘t want to loosen a few screws, change wheels without a service center, forget about esk8ing and certainly never ever build a diy board. :sweat_smile: maintenance is crucial in esk8ing!

I wouldn’t talk about range and mentioning boostedboards. the x1 has bad range like boosted. x1 pro has double that like I told you yesterday already. mate, its just a cheap beginner board, don‘t make it too complicated.


Hi @McErono

No no it is not my spirit, here in France when you buy something, warranty coverts full equipment except that is ordinary wear and tear or wrong utilizations.

Such scratches that are nor ordinary nor concequences of a wrong utilization would be covered by vendor warranty in France. But if rules are different in Switzerland, I will play with this cards… My question was just how many rides or KMS before some scratches. 50km range or 500 km range is not the same.


I scratched my board up within a block of the first ride lol.


Chunking is mostly no issue in our country… you know how much money they spend on our roads :wink: even if you have some little ones you wont feel them while you ride. But hubwheels always look shitty after a few rides (except hummies of course :wink:)

I check my boards before and after every ride. When I see a crack building I glue it = no chunks on my x1 wheels so far.

All wheels can chunk… some boas I’ve seen looked awful.

Wheels are wearing parts no warranty does cover skate wheels unless the manufacturer fu**** up bad like E.


Message received 5/5 captain. Time to sleep on my side. Snoozer will bark in 6h. Even into this post E. Is echoing some noise…


You are going to loose your money with this small budget shits. They cost at least 33% to 50% of a nice board. Bioboards as well as others accept to activate speed, torque limitation by software. So you practice riging a soft Mustang



I like this new abbreviation :slight_smile:


So your first board ever was a 2500euro bioboard… brave and determined move.

Funny how we forget how we started and only have eyes for the absolute top stuff and other circumstances don’t matter anymore.

But again its not just about which board Fred should get. He needs it quick, he needs it stealthy (illegal in switzerland), portable (6.8kg vs. 13kg) and the plan is to go diy further down the road. Bioboards geardrive is everything but silent or stealthy. We pay 650usd fines if we get caught on an esk8 over here…

Kind of forced… they started closing threads with legitimate complaints :unamused: