What is the real time to deliver

I was: Last year, I’ve ordered a raptor 2.1 this choice was driven by the capacity to get a surf feeling and power… Then I’ve canceled my order as this vendor did not respect delays and quality check processing. I will stop discussion about them, the less I can get from them the better I am (except about Unity).

As Marc @McErono wrote it, I gonna use this board to practice and get skills loosing as much life as possible… Then, I will open my mind to all options

To complete my post: My budget is 2.5k€ VAT & shipping excluded (+/- 10%).

But one spec is important: I will daily use the board to go to my job, and have to mixte esk8 and public transportation, so the weight is also important < 16 kg, as the board will have to share the same bag than my laptop, helmet and protections during public transportation.

Until a few days ago he didn’t know eskating is illegal in our country :wink:

@Pura-Vida I totally forgot swissboards as @Balta_6 mentioned. If it ever happens that could be a nice ride!

Any url to get some information about swissboard? I am into TGV between Lausanne and Paris, so nothing to do better than websurf between 2 network blind zone

Sadly not much to see yet http://swissboards.ch

Its going to be a 4wd direct drive board with integrated deck.

This week was a blackcat tagged one: More than their board are under construction…

Not sure why someone hasn’t recommended this.


Thats a good one :joy:


Changes everything. Awd hub board ftw


If you need things within three days: We usually process all orders the day you order. UPS can get stuff delivered over night if needed. If you need advice, we are always available.


It’s difficult to destroy a close friendship with the perfect curry

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hold up now if i knew there would be hexacopters i’d have demanded to build the packs for those too so i could have a test unit.

@mackann How dare you sir! I demand a hexacopter.


Working on it :sweat_smile:

it needs cupholders that can firmly grip red Solo cups, and somewhere to strap in my bong.


I see the internal communication need some improvement… :joy:


I bet you could finnagle a gas mask under/through your helmet…

Is he… strange coincidence :smirk: at the beginning he is in my hometown.

@Pura-Vida 6.8kg, good range, enough power and speed, local service.

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You’re just going to casually link to a Fabian review? There’s got to be a better option to review the product, Fab is a penis shill.


I’d bet my left arm this thing breaks after a week of riding in the rain, and then 2 weeks of sitting in a closet. It’s toast…

Basically, it lasts long enough to make youtube videos, to sell more of them. That’s its primary design goal. They don’t give two shits about whether it breaks down on your way to work, only if it $ELL$


Hit it right on the mark dude. Dude can skate, but dude is selling hit own riptide (cheap china made board) version in gold. Such a piece of shit.


I don’t care what he is trying to sell or not. The guy is so annoying! “Amazing” “things like this” “and so on”… 100times in every god damn video.

@brenternet that was not casually. I mentioned the board and the vendor and the same day a video pops up on my YT feed (not subbed), doerig on the board, second guy is the vendor, in my freaking hometown? Hilarious!