What is the real time to deliver


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The trouble on internet is that an Yorkshire can bark louder than a Pitbull… Looking your Avatar the question is still open


Lolz. I respect your opinion but i think its wrong


Thats totally fine with me kelly :+1:

Against Metroboard: US based, no Service in Switzerland. Everybody sees and hears its an esk8 from miles away, they are loud and bulky. thats gonna be costly in Switzerland. Really its the last board I see fit fred.

I don’t think any of you US guys have a better idea than me what matters over here and thats fine too. How could you.


You misunderstood.

I don’t have an opinion on this as im not a fan of pre built stuff. Except hub motor suck (unless they are hummie hubs)

I was just pointing out how silly your responses to brain were.


Nothing silly about it. “Lolz…”

Anything on topic from your side to help the OP?


Hub motor suck, don’t get your hopes up with pre built stuff.


They do. Especially if they are overpowered. Enertion… I am not telling fred he should stick with Hubs. Just getting into esk8ing while planing his diy build. Hubs are cheap (literally) no maintenance, less torque.

Fred will be ending up with a diy build but he is inpatient, 51 years old and never eskated before and the purpose of my inputs is to get him up to speed quick and safe.


Sounds like he has board sport experience tho. I don’t think he needs training wheels. Most pre built remotes I’ve seen have speed settings so whatever he gets to start should be fine.

I just think if he plans on building a DIY after a prebuilt, That whatever prebuild he gets should be similar. That way he learns what’s what.


skating, snowboarding everything helps. But Ive seen experienced skaters looking like total noobs on an esk8. The torque and braking is something strange to them.

Good input pro a serious prebuild!


I just worry the only thing he’ll learn from a prebuilt hub board is that he doesn’t like hubs.

Hubs have their place. If you’re on a budget, or need something stealth i get it.

But I haven’t really noticed him mentioning anything about being on a budget or needing a stealth build.


There still is good hub on the market thought, not to mention the obvious hummie hubs, MAD hubs and the enertion ones I find exway’s hub very nice, not to violent on the confort of the ride (for me the biggest downside of hubs), also Mellow hubs are very very good, very small, but packs a lot of torque and power, and they’re working with only 8S on the mellow drive, so imagine them in 10S or even 12S ! (okay 12S might want to kill you with that over the top top speed)


Also, there is Swissboard, well it’s still a work in progress at the moment but it should be out before summer, as the name tells it’s from Switzerland, they’ll have direct drive motors, it’s the perfect mix between the power and confort or normal motors but with the stealthiness of hub motors


Exactly, you’ve read into my mind. 51+ is my administrative, if you are looking for health or activities you have to remove 15 at least… As you’ve noticed previously, I will join the builders league later, I am an engineer by design and will go into this way at next steps


I did say except hummie hubs. Only because i have a few friends with first hand experience that give them the okay and they are typically anti hub too.

I just like full urethane. Being able to change wheels, gearing, or even motors on the fly. Can’t do that with hubs.


But can do with Direct drive :wink:


Yep… but we were taking about hubs.


Are there readily available prebuilt boards with DD ?