What is the real time to deliver

You’re getting too russian. You need to move. Just not to the Ukraine.

I can move to Crimea…

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Or maybe better here… :thinking:

For all who didn’t know, it’s @dareno in the clip!


That happens at your age friend :joy:

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Shut up Alan. you’re not far behind me and speak for yourself. My rear end is tight as a ducks arse.



Do you know that is the link between duck and castor?:joy:



Initially, I was expecting a naughtier joke, but everything is into the interpretation, isn’t it?

Please can you detail your remarks? Both of them respond to my email in less than 1h, I know that a sell request is more attractive than maintenance one,

BB has stocks, they can deliver to FR or CH before May 23rd (simulation done this morning DHL Express), and VAT is managed by DHL/UPS…

Evolve will not ship before June, something is amazing: the bill is VAT included) and it is the same if you buy from France or Switzerland, but VAT in France is 20% and in Switzerland: 7,7%, WTF!

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Bioboards is topnotch stuff, way more speed and torque AND thats the reason I don’t recommend it to you. Wanna kill yourself?

Have you ever ridden an esk8 before? just a cheap weak chinese board? Would you give a ferrari to a guy that got no driving licence?

Wont be cool to eat tarmac and watching your monsterboard for weeks while you heal up…

The GTR is already a lot to handle for a novice. My honest recommendation is an exway x1 pro for your first board e-longboard.ch

Don’t buy a hub motor board.

Metroboard is still out there, and still makes the best prebuilts. They just don’t spend billions on advertising.

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@Pura-Vida is not some rich teen here out for instant thrills, none would say this to anyone buying a supercar lol

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I still have the exway x1 its fine… perfect beginner board.

Again look on freds behaviour, his expectations regarding support and service. Metroboard isnt the right choice for him.

You use that word “perfect” extremely loosely. Have you looked it up before? Do you think such a thing has even been built by anyone yet?

You stick your nose everywhere extremly loosely brian :wink:

The exway was perfect for me. Wasn’t into diy then and tried a lot of boards. I was overwhelmed on a GTX, Acton quadro… the exway just made the impression not to wanna kill me so I bought it.


This person isn’t a broke college kid, and is older, which means we don’t take falls as well as you young chaps. Some cheap china hub motor board is the last thing @Pura-Vida wants.


You know the exway do you? You owned and have ridden it for more than a year? I might be older than you (think) :sweat_smile: 41

Btw why not go for some test rides before buying anything fred? Maybe some of the guys live near you? Meet up, joined ride Switzerland?!

I respect your opinions and inputs brian. Hope you can do the same.

Maybe I am overprotective… like two weeks ago a 52year old died taking a fall on a public road (not run over, he just plummeted) media was all over it.

Then there is the needed stealth factor in switzerland.

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So much can be said about this. Does your wife know you are talkin like this?

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I appreciate your feedback and warning you are sharing.

I do not take my decision yet, and I will use June to get something stronger than a geek expectation…

For your information, I’ve started 20 years ago wave surfing at Lakey peak and Nungas directly (previously I was a twintip kitesurfer only), that is world class spot for surfing fast/powerfull 6’ to 15+’ reef waves and hospital @3h one way by taxi…

But don’t worry, I will take care, and go step by step.