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What is best for 3d print pulley? PETG, Nylon, Polycarbonate, ABS?


Im printing pulleys in Nylon 100% infill. So far so good.

Ultimaker are about to release carbon fibre nylon in like 5 days and a new print core - cant wait to try that!


Ok so 60teeth
Whats about the belt width and which whhels /hubs are you running?
Shoudl it look like the right gear on the picture?
If yes whats the diameter of the hole in the middle?


I’m using 15mm belts set up for trampa hypa hubs.
I will eventually use those but right now I’m using something else.

Hence the four bolts the need for an adapter.


Scratch that :grimacing:


Dude you need to print at 100% infill.

Where are you I will print you some Nylon ones if you like?


Yea I don’t think it’s the infill for petg. I don’t think you get best structural integrity with 100% infill anyway. I’ll need to make a setup to print in nylon.


Yep! Nylon ftw. I always seem to have issues with PETG being brittle like this.


Is this one of the press-fit designs that does not use screws?


Ill be doing my bits in carbon fibre Nylon soon, should be even better


Ha! I went through the same thing when I tried no-bolt pulleys with PETG. Had to pedal my board two miles.:sweat: Nylon has given me zero issues. Even the cheap stuff:


I think Nylon is the way to go carbon fiber might be good as well.


C.f. prints usually look like that - it has a nice matte finish