What helmet you rockin?


Will do, thanks for the input!


that thing looks good, hella expensive though, how do those colored visors look from the inside? never worn a motorcycle helmet before, curious if I should get a colored visor or a clear for better visibility.


www.privatesportshop.com in Europe has RUROC on sale !!!


It’s like wearing a slightly tinted full face sunglasses. :sunglasses: After a minute you don’t even notice it. Kinda feels cozy and safe inside - no debris or wind blowing in your face. This helmet has one of the widest fields of views that I’ve come across and I don’t feel like my view is obstructed at all.


I knew it wasn’t my “Sweet Cheeks”. It’s my Fat Head!


Just came in :expressionless:


Anyone got recommendations for XXL full face helmets with visor?

Tried a XL size TSG Pass without cheek pads, still small for me.


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Lol. I know I know… not much I can do about it.


nice! I’v had my eye on this one for a while. what do you think of it so far?


This manufacturer from Italy is doing XXL 63cm-64cm helmets. Their sizing is also better.



If you are interested in, I fly every 1-2 month from Germany to SoCal and can bring you one in XXL.


Have you tried Fox mtb helmets? No visor but i know the xl they make is huge.


Only have had it for about a week. Two mountainbike rides and a couple longboard trips on it. No mountain board yet. Fits well, very light, lots of ventilation. Love the features. Not as heavy duty as a Motorcross helmet but that s not what I was looking for.


My TSG i got from @Mikenopolis last year.


@klaus79856 I will definitely take a look at them, thanks for the suggestion!

@Skunk The visor is kinda of necessary to me, because my eyes got pretty watery and I have eaten couple unknown bugs alone the way… If there are really no other options, I will take a closer look into them! Thanks for the suggestion!


Goggles? Lol

No I get that. Visor is a must for me too.


Now I gotta to find one locally to try it out first. If it fits, I need to find some ski goggles to fit my glasses.


Thought I should share this. Saw these on sale for a good deal. This is a $300+ dollar helmet for $104. I’ve not used their mtn bike gear, but I do have a bit of moto gear from ixs and I think it’s quality stuff. They don’t have my size and I like my helmet but I did order one for a friend.



I got a sweet deal on a base model ruroc. I never liked visors so it was an easy buy for me.


Still trying to find a lightweight, fox proframe style, dual visor (main visor, and inner RoboCop style) full face helmet.

I think they might not exist tho :frowning: