What helmet you rockin?

661 Reset Helmet.


I’ve been rolling with a JBM half helmet, a pair of orange tinted ski goggles (allergies/sun/wind blast), and a red bandanna(allergies/wind blast)

Probs gonna get a full helmet soon, I top out at 22mph but soon I’m gonna hit 31mph and it scares me

I love mine. Was going to buy it a year ago, but jlabs had that TSG GB going on…soooo yeah lol.

Then electrical issues had me test out my TSG and it saved the back of my skull. …Now my NO is my dome protector. I enjoy it! Wondering how it will be when it gets hot here.


Don’t even get me started, so frustrating

he said he won’t do it again. He shouldn’t have done it EVER! Children should always wear a helmet in any wheeled sports


Anyone got new orders avitar V2 helmet? Maybe @Sender?

Tried on a TSG pass XL this weekend. Can barely stick my head in there lol.

Any XXL recommendations?

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Wtf… really?

I have helmet size XL, tried the TSG pass Carbon XL, my feeling was more like I need an XXXL.


I have the L avitar love it.

Kinda small though, any smaller would be too small.

Don’t know how the XL is.


Same here. I pulled off the cheekpads

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welcome to copenhagen. the city where dads rent those electric scooters and let their kids hold on to them while riding WITHOUT a helmet. cool parenting, right?

I agree with @Sender, they are tighter than the TSG I previously had. Although it is a tad bit smaller, it does feel good once I get my damn head in the thing.

Besides that, they look dope ASF!

Be patient though, it takes a WHILE to actually get them to you door.


From what I heard, Carbon Pass is smaller than a regular Pass.


@Sender Are they glasses friendly? I wear glasses unfortunately…

@mixedcreation For XL size on both tsg and new older. the new older one is slightly smaller? Do they have the option to make it slightly bigger chin part?

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So it works once you pull off cheek pads?

Because it’s not mine, I tried it with cheek pads. It hurts my head to put it on lol.

They are very glasses friendly

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I wear a Pass with glasses and it’s not a problem, just have to take the glasses off before you put the helmet on your head and then back on(or vice-versa). Figure’d I’d tell you that in case that factors into your decision.

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Sadly i have a large. Im just going off of what i can tell between the two companies. L vs L.

The chin strap is a quick release strap system for New Olders. Not like the D ring strap for TSG. Im not sure if you can extend the chin strap portion. They have tons of options, just not sure that is one. You can always email them.

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Icon Airflite (Rubatone with additional RST Gold visor). Not exactly a skate helmet, but instead a motorcycle helmet. Was quite an awkward chat at the store, explaining how I’m not a motorcyclist. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like being “anonymous” when I’m out and about.