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What do you think of this modified VESC?



So I found this on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VESC-4-12-Motor-controller-open-source-BLDC-Speed-Controller-VESC-vedder-Pcb-/182234724017?hash=item2a6e0936b1:g:oFwAAOSwZ1BXe6Ct

It´s a VESC with all of the mosfets on one side so that a big heatsink can be attached.

What are your thoughts on it?


Personally I stick to vedders reference design.
It has proven itself, and I believe there was a reason to do it the way it was done (shorter traces and better layout maybe).

Plus, HW version 6 is already in its last stages.


Is there any firm expectation on when this will roll through to a production stage? Is it still like 6 months before vendors will be offering it?


I think the first ones will start to roll out in about three months, no idea when they will be widely available.


Has been addressed here as well.



Already a thread on this.