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What deck is best for building your own electric skateboard?


Never Summer is certainly the best…


What do you guys think of a pintail being used as a eboard deck.


It’s a matter of preference. Just keep in mind that a pintail deck won’t have the same wheel clearance as a freeride deck… so you have to use risers!


I use atleast a 1/8 riser on all my decks to dampen the road vibration


it might need a special box. Maybe one shaped like guts.


In my experience, you’re going to need a 1/4 riser + stiff bushings if using 83-90mm wheels.


im using otang kegels that are 80mm


Hot damn! :heart_eyes:


I think your post is very knowledgeable and is a good place to start for new skaters! Especially your insight when it comes to flex impacting performance at higher speeds. As a manufacturer for downhill skateboards, managing or eliminating flex while ensuring a smooth, responsive and stable ride has been a focus of my work as a board maker thus far.

Since you mentioned the future of e-sk8 decks, especially customs, I’d also like to take this chance to link my website. I’ve been recently looking to make my first e-sk8 deck and I think that my technology would make a very good fit without many tweaks! We have our own unique deck construction, and some new vibration normalizing truck mounts and I’ll even have the ability to design and pour my own wheel and cores in house! We can do custom or commissioned graphics, and we have material options with an affordable and durable standard construction at around $100, and a more lightweight and premium construction as well!

Concave is definitely an important consideration when attaching your enclosure, so I think I’d like to make a dedicated mould with a generally more mellow concave than what I currently have available. I think that will work to a riders advantage in terms of comfort, although I think our current pressed in wheel wells would be perfect here as well.


Nice! If I could suggest to include side-view photos of decks. I won’t buy any deck without a side photo, like edge-on. I want to see the tail and if the nose is not raised and any concave and all the stuffs


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I’m trying to build an electric skateboard and am choosing a board to use and wheels
I have a few already I can use but not sure if I should buy a different one

  1. a 34" Santa cruz board with a kick tail, worried that it would be hard to ride at fast speeds(20+ mph)
  2. 40" flexible fiberglass long board, probably to bendy
  3. 38" concave wooden long board, not that flexible
    like the idea on an all terrain drop deck with mbs all terrain long board wheels


If you are still looking for a deck , i’ve bought this one and love it.It’s on sale for the moment. It has a nice mini drop that locks your feet pretty well:

I didn’t like the graphics so i wrapped the deck with some cheap carbon film:


Thx but I’ve decided on trying to make my own


Make sure you use the proper wood and glue it will prevent delaming. Do you have a press for it as you will need one?


I must have been having some intermittent website outage, but if you have the time to check us out again, we’d appreciate the look!



I can’t seem to be able to create a new post, but this place seems to be as good a place as it could be. I have ordered the earthwing superglider v-lam to go with the pro 2 kit from diyelectricskateboard (@torqueboards) collections/electric-skateboard-conversion-kit/products/pro2-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit

I’m a little worried about the flex (I’m 85kg) and was wondering if anyone had experience with that deck. It is worth noting that I live in the UK.

Adding @onloop


Earthwing superglider is flexy


I’m particularly attracted by LDP decks, specially european, 1166 Longboards (my unicorn…and quite possibly the best in the world) from Germany; Antidote from Poland; Rocket from Switzerland; Cobo from Portugal. A particular case is US American Alani Lani from Hawaii, fantastic carbon deck manufacturer I appreciate.


I learned a trick that simulates the foot-gripping effect of the W deck. Just stick some folded over tape lengthwise underneath the griptape to be thick enough, and you’ve basically got your little hump to lock your feet on without having the wood go all wonky for the battery.