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What are your guys view on these chinese hub motors


Motor parameters
Motor type N6364
Motor power 1800W
Sensor type nothing
Out line black 100mm
Assemble All long board
anti-temperature 150°C-180°C

Recommended configuration parameters
Battery 18V-30V, capacity 5A-15A, discharge rate: 5C-25C


those look exactly the same as sold by diyelectricskateboards and others on alibaba except they have a winning logo.
you should find the kv. there are reviews somewhere on here. I have a lot of thoughts i’ll keep most to myself as I’m biased but I think the way the rubber is attached is sketchy and especially as it’s just polyurethane and they rate the motors to a really high temp…polyurethane breaks down at 170f. wattage ratings are always bogus or maybe what could be put out for 2 seconds before meltdown

also curious how big long the stator is. I’ve read 30mm…but if you add 3cm from the end of the hanger aluminum there’s not enough room to fit a nut on the end. Maybe the bearing is sitting on the threads and even then I doubt you can fit 3cm of stator in. Maybe the stator is sitting up on the hanger, must be otherwise no way.


I thought that instantly aswell. I am sure they are diyelectricskateboards but only the new version. Winning make them so i am not scared about being terrible as i have talked to them before. 130Kv they said. I also think the rubber is sketchy but they offer spares for 4$.

I can show you a video of them assembling the board.

This is their previous model which looks exactly like diys


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think it’s all from the same manufacturer and different labels.

cant find that video ajaynagra and would really like to see the insides.


Dont think its a clone buddy they have been there before diyskateboards


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I saw these hubmotors a long time ago either they copied really early or something else happened


Im thinking the same product maybe a clone


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i think there’s a juicy story as I remember when diy started to sell them he said he stopped all the other sellers from selling them, and if I remember correctly that seemed to happen for a bit.


Yeah im sure he tried but i think its impossible to tell a factory in china to stop producing something. I have sent the factory a few emails to try and see whats going on:worried:


Jacobs motors are widely copied in the Chinese ESK8 community as well.


Interesting, i think the tb one wasnt copied since ive seen their earlier versions which werent very good. But i know tb has modified his hubs and isnt just reselling


I don’t ever see people talk about tb hubs anymore. I just got some hummie hubs (arrived today) interested to see how they perform, still a bit skeptical on the durability of hubs.


What motors do hummie use?
Wheel size and dura


83mm, I don’t remember the duro, ask @Hummie
I believe Hummie is 90kv and Jacob is 70kv


Does anyone do 90’s that would be cool


80mm diameter and 56 long kegel match.
The future motors will be 80x101 !!! A single with 150% the power of the two. I will stop selling the 80x56 as soon as the last aluminum are gone


What batteries could i get from hobbyking for these motors