Water proof voltage monitor dc 4.5-150v 12-24-36-48v


Has anyone used one of these on a build? I bought a few and they seem solid, but I’m unsure about the best way to wire then in. They come with 4 spots to wire to, but only 2 wires. Pictures on Amazon show the wires in different spots than how I received them.


I have that same one (in green). I’m probably going to splice it in at the main power plug so I can monitor the total volts. It’s really bright lol. Not sure what the second set of connections are for so I taped them up.


Ok so you left the wires on as they were shipped?


Yep, had them hooked up to my lipos at 12s and it worked as expected.


On my test rig (longboard not finished yet)


Cool! I just wanted to be sure before I soldered anything. It worked.



Awesome! Matches your deck :slight_smile:


@psychotiller Holy shit!! That is just beautiful!! WOWZA!!! :scream: