Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]

I managed to find one hanging out of my Sony Reader :joy::joy:

Yikes that sentence made me feel a little old :sob:

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Got any Tacon 160 Bigfoot (or spares from one) around?

Sadly no, I never actually played with those motors

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[US] does anyone have some scraps of 12awg silicone wire and some fish paper they’d part with? Just enough to make some Unity extendors and line a BMS, also possibly some MT60 (2 sets or 2 of the same end)

Those antisinking pad deck protectors (X-things) Are all oldschool mounting! just beware because I bought 4 sets that way

@akhlut makes some beastly custom ones that are set up for both mounting holes. I know you said you need fast US shipping but just another (great) option to consider!

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Granted, mine are pricier.

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I wise man once told me the price of quality is soon forgotten :older_man:

Bump for 12awg! I only need a couple feet

I have a pair of racerstar 5065 200kv motors and one just began to make some strange sounds. Anyone have used one that the might want to sell for cheap? Ty

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Nothing I’ve done has avoided the ticking sounds in Racerstar 5065s. But the sounds never have caused any issues.


  • 2x speed rings / washers
  • Some male/female bullet connectors for 10awg
  • Some ring connectors for 20awg that will fit over M5 bolts
  • Based in Southwest UK.

Random little things, but I figured I’d ask here before I spend even more money on this build lol, as they’re pretty common items but I only need a few so hardly seems worth an amazon/ebay order.

For some reason, either because they were accidentally not included in the bag or because I’ve managed to lose them somewhere, I’m missing exactly 2 speed rings. I have all the bolts and nuts and grubs et al, but am short two washers.

Not the end of the world, I can buy sets of them for next to nothing, but if someone in the UK (I’m in the southwest) happened to have some going spare I figured this was the easiest thing to ask for haha.

(especially when all the other things I needed were a dual VESC and a 10s BMS haha. I have all my parts now though… just not those two little washers! and some assorted wiring connectors.)

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I have 2 propdrive 270kv 5060 motors for $29 if that helps?

Thank you for the offer. I need motors with under 200kv. Best around 150kv.

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Fair enough, good luck!

The flipsky 6354 190kv motors are great.

[US] Does anyone have a skateboard or small MTB deck they don’t want? Something 32" to 36" long

I got one for free from my local skate shop but its cracking under my weight so its no good to convert

I might just end up buying a pair of racerstar 5065 140kv ($42 each) or just buy one racerstar 5065 200kv ($42).

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Any style of boards? I have a few extra boards but shipping should be around. $10 to $15 in the USA.

Ideally the typical pill shape in 8.5 x 33


i have used one of these before. they are super strong. you can easily reshape the deck to something custom

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