Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


Soon. Daughter goes down for nap in a few hours.


I looked but No luck. I know i have some. Ive given a few away but pretty sure I had at least two left. Ill keep looking but got other stuff to do now. Im not organized lol


Thanks brotha, it’s all good if you can’t find one


Neoprene gaskets are just cut sheets of neoprene you can also use D shaped weather stripping. The cable sleeves you can find on AliExpress. The socket cap screws can be found on EBay I got 50 of them for around 5 bucks.


The person I got the screws is actually from Wisconsin or Michigan I think. I’m sure amazon has cable sleeves.


Just select, us only on eBay when searching so shipping is quicker


Looking for junk motor

Doesn’t have to be functional or rebuildable, total junk/crap is fine. Just looking for something I can use for test fitting my mount, trucks, wheels, and pulleys. I have a bit of trimming and mocking of parts to do.

This is for my first build. I ordered a Racerstar 5065 last night and it looks like it’ll be here June 10 (can’t believe how long it takes for eskate stuff to arrive)!?! Jeez, that’s like a month away.

US, Indiana


I think @ARetardedPillow has dead motors? Or am i thinking of a difference nyc esk8 member?


If you got a printer then just make a cylinder hitbox and print it, its what we do in robotics before we get motors, you can ask around for CAD files or dimensions and not deal with shipping


Anyone (preferably east coast) have a vesc programming cable?

I could have sworn I had one, now I’m about to put my head through my desk at the thought of waiting another few days :sob:


Any microUSB data cable work. Just make sure it’s not a charge-only cable. A lot of phone charger cords will work.


Im an idiot, thanks.

Ill report back once im done fighting my battery for space in the enclosure o_O


Looking for cheap keda 6364 190kv motor. Or two cheap 63xx 190kv brand doesnt matter . My boards DOA again . would just order it on hk website but they are out of stock. Just need any 2 motors really so I can keep riding. Sensored or not either way


Yeah I think thats me, but I’m in the process of trying to rebuild most of them


Noice. I think I remember seeing you post a picture of a giant box of motors


[US] Can someone hit me up with some 13 or 14 awg silicone wire? All I need is enough for Unity extensions, like 2’ in small pieces


anyone have some flat and wide headed mounting hardware? i could get by with just the bolts if you dont have spare nylock nuts.

I am also looking for some of the generic $3 anti sinking pad deck protectors.

here are 2 links for the items i am referring to. I need US fast shipping


Bump for 13awg or 14awg silicone wire…just need a little


Dude I went to batteries plus and talked shop woth the guys working and they gave me a spool of 14 awg. Worth a shot.


If you have a ps4 your charge cable will work.