Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]

I am looking for a used or new sunkko 788H spotwelder (USA)

If anyone has one, pm me and we can talk. thanks

Anyone have some cheap motor pulleys? Need 2 14t or 15t. 8mm axle, 12mm or 15mm width (prefer 15)


I have 2 15T aluminum pulleys for 15mm belt, double grub screw collar on the end, 8mm round bore no key

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Home Dump is completely geared for ( give ya a hint, its in the name🤭)Real construction folk use supply house.

So its really all those desk jockeys who dont know jack about building holding everyone back.

I know desk jockeys are not “too change restistant”, so i guess that just leaves…

@Skunk I have two I’m sending you, gratis

15T 15mm HTD5m 3mm keyway, single M4 grub, aluminum, collarless, two 3mm keys


(EU)Looking for spare 475mm 15mm belts

[US] 8’ to 12’ of 3/8" to 3/4" flat braided tinned copper

Anyone have some ppm cables for flipsky vesc?

Hello I really really need some 5.5 bullet connectors can someone sell me some and ever night ?

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Does anyone have some super soft bushings? Anything softer than a stock Paris II

Looking for $100 American bills. I’ll pay shipping. Thanks ahead of time.


Shipping to you is $200. I gotch you. You know my PayPal.


I can spare 6 pairs of 5.5 bullet connectors. I Can’t do overnight though. Three days so roughly get it by Tuesday. Text me

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Thats ok mike im just going to buy some i still need more stuff anyways so i have to wait but thanka

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Can I pick up some from you?

I only need 6 male 5.5 bullet connectors. Let me know.

If you can pop by my office (spectrum area) tomorrow (Friday) then yes. Barely ever around on Weekends. PM me


Spectrum mall is the best brotha, wish I lived near over there. You should come to SD on the 25th to ride with the us, we got all the evolve crew and shits fun

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Anyone have a 5.5mm charge port with a red JST connection?

I actually might. Can’t look until tomorrow tho

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Could you see what you got?