Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]

I’ll take 50


Anyone got some antispark bullet connectors that are 100A or more? I only need one

In desperate need of 2x 310mm x 15mm HTD5 belts, I have a 305, 315, and 350 I can trade

I have 420?

Eyy blaze it…but I need 310 ± a mil

if your in a major hurry…and got prime…and money aint no major thing…

otherwise vbeltguys gotcha and itll be a week… but cheap ass prices! save 10% … ten10tenoff


Sorry too tight

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But im still lookin for those heat shrink wraps. I stay ording wrong sizes :rofl::rofl:

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Looking for a used/ damage abs enclosure. I plan on cutting one up and patching back together with kydex and abs cement. Have a deck no one seems to make the size enclosure i want for it. Would rather not chop up a new enclosure especially if it doesn’t work out.

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Did you check with psychotiller I’m sure he probably has some rejects.

I haven’t bugged him yet. I know he’s busy.

Amazon has a quad charger that measures capacity for $20…I got one and it seems legit

Send link. :blush:

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Anyone got 2 15T 15mm pulleys with keyway they’d trade? I have 2 with a built in collar but I’d prefer keyways and its to long anyways

Different size is acceptable if you have belts too, ordered 310mm belts because 305 was to small and 315 was to big so I got 3 of them

I bought d&d belts of amazon before. Im not sure if they were fake or not, but they were trashed after 1 ride.

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Already got v belt guy stuff for darkevortex and myself

Still looking for 15t key way pulleys

I bought d&d belts on amazon and they have been going strong so far I haven’t ran through any puddles with them

Need 8x low profile socket head M4 for motor mount, whose got? East coast USA

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I got mine on amazon for 6 bucks


475mm 5m belts.

Enclosure to top mount (dimensions coming soon)


Hey I’m looking for a micro USB to solder onto my remote. In Portland OR