Buy FOCBOX Unity

Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


How do i turn off notifications? :rofl:


Got two sets of orange kegels


Do you want Single or dual motors?




I was gonna buy from you before but I saw the shipping to Aus makes it about the same price as new ones


I have a single eac with remote.


I got this brand new trigger Mini remote + receiver that I don’t want to use and I would like to trade for a thumb remote, perhaps for a Backfire remote controller nobody is using. PM if interested.



Can’t you just mount a wheel on the sensor and put it in a new housing or is it not worth it?


Don’t have the skills to twich that thing. Better swap with someone. I cannot withstand that killer trigger.


Anyone have a 5.5 x2.1mm DC FEMALE? Preferably waterproof. Will gladly pay postage to Sweden.

Had a bit of a moment today with a stray phase wire :ok_hand:


like a winning remote?


Maybe this would work for you @pixelsilva ?


@mishrasubhransu you talking about the these? if yes I have 3 I’ll let 5 bucks plus shipping


Thanks, but I just got some from amazon. They have a pretty good price at $11 for 10 pcs. Makes sense if you have prime.


I just traded the Mini with @b264! Thanks for the info @Skunk


I am looking for a set of used kegel 80mm or abec 83mm. If you have a set and be willing to let it go for a reasonable price pls let me know.



Thers a guy on r/longboarding selling kegel rain wheels, pm him


Preferably orange


Anyone able to print some pulleys in PETG for me? Eu preferred :slight_smile:


Cheap Caliber II and Kegel hardware, whose got any extras? (mount, motor pulley, belt, wheel pulley) preferably very high gear ratio but 16:36 will do

And possibly a baby motor, any 10s capable motor that is light

East coast US preference