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Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


Swoop. 10 cha



Venom Mach 1 Cannibal 78mm


@moon you’re looking for a set just a mock-up a Polly on their cores.
They have a few other Wheels with the same core for Less.

Actually kind of want these because they’re better for sliding


I want them for the core and riding


btw the ones I want are $65 or like £70


Are you crazy? Those things could be sold for $70 each


They could be. You wanna pay? I’m more likely to keep them on my raptor 1 deck. I like that blue


Lol, I’m too broke for that… but I’m sure lots of people would considering used non collectable esk8 motors go for similar prices


Anyone got a micro remote receiver for cheap (In Europe; it’s better for shipping)


I’m looking for any broken Trampa deck. Can be totally unusable. (EU)


ABEC 107mm
Slick revolution 110mm 75A
MBS 100 mm pref black
MBS AT setup

EU only


5.5*2.1mm waterproof female connector. I am hoping that someone got them from aliexpress and has a lot of spares. I’ll pay shipping and the cost of the parts. I need 3.

I already placed order from aliexpress, so I’ll have spares for whoever wants them, but that will be a while before they come.


Still need a cheap substitute esc, or a vesc


My internet up in the bearing sea is really bad so I could go all the way to the bottom hehe sorry
I wanted to ask everyone if someone has a cruiser deck that they don’t want hehe sorry skunk for replying


All good dude.
I’ll keep an eye out
Something about 30inch?


What kind of esc are you looking for. I have hub eac that I can let go for cheap.


I need a belt esc


Anyone got kegels/ caguamas. I’ll pay up


Think @Bobby and or @AlanZhou had some


I have blue kegals and cagumas


Boom. Where’s my finders fee