Buy FOCBOX Unity

Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


I have extensions like that, except with a 90-degree adapter on the male end. That way if coworkers trip over my charge cord in my office, it doesn’t rip the jack out of my board, but disconnects right there instead…


How do you use this adapter?
Usually the female is placed in the enclosure and wired to the battery.
This looks like a simple extension.


Yeah, I know but my charging port cable is to short to be mounted properly. So I need to somehow extend the cable and I don’t want to cut it and extend the original wires. :slight_smile:


I can understand that. However I would prefer to extend the wires since these connectors can barely cope with the charge currents we are using.
Mine gets slightly warm when I charge with my 4A charger.
Putting another one connector in series mean ever bigger losses.


Looking for 83-90mm abec wheels (not clones) or 36t keg pullys (bolt on)
Buy, trade


I got a set of abec 83mm wheels. Been trying to sell them but nothing. You can have them just pay the shipping.


Looking for Enertion 6355 or 6374 R-Spec motors


Need a cheap vesc or a esc substitute, for a board I’m making for my younger brother


I would say torqueboard would be the best cheap one


Flipsky, $60. $50 on sale.

Search eBay and AliExpress


Hy, im looking for tb218 and or cheap pneumatic wheels and mounts, located in EU :slight_smile:


Here comes @Mikenopolis to tell he is not selling (edit: he is willing!) his R-specs for nothing!! :point_down::yum::rofl:


the sensorless ones?

I’ve been planning to swap in the TB6355s sensored ones I got on the Raptor Redux. Just been too lazy to get started. How much are you willing to pay to get my lazy ass up?


Yeah, the sensorless!


“for nothing” I don’t think so, these things are a part of history


I was referring your other post months ago, you didn’t want to part from them. Well I’m willing to pay for your market value not for history. :yum:

How $$ ?


This will be the third item I’ll buy from ya! (treat me softly):blush:


what are you a lawyer? I don’t even remember what I said!:rofl: you are starting to sound like my wife!

you thirsty. I’ll charge a 200 dollars EACH!

$35 each SHIPPED, so $70 seems fair?


Last night I dig all info related to them… your promise was written in stone! This place is dangerous, anything you say stays for evaa!!

Got me confuse… say again, how much for them?



well I haven’t taken them off and don’t really want to as they work and I like the blue. But I did want to go sensored.

$70 shipped