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Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


What about this? :smile:


Damn you and your quick fingers




Posting this here: Hey guys, this thread may be dead and this is a total shot in the dark. Im trying to build a diy board but financially its not working out. If anyone has any spare parts at all, ill pay shipping for them if you want to get rid of them or if you’re willing to discount them quite a bit. I understand this is kinda lame for someone to do but who knows maybe someone will have some parts they don’t want and I can make a deal with them. Thanks guys!
(Posted in the wrong thread. :/)


What parts do you have already?


Only basic skate parts. I have some parts from a broken cheap board and most don’t work but im sure I could salvage some.


anyone have a female antispark xt90 connector


not sure what you need, but i got some stuff on sale for pretty cheap.


Anyone? I need it soon please


Amazon has them you could probably get them next day or 2 day delivery


I don’t need the set just female antispark one


@dg798 The one with the green on it and the resistor inside? Or the one that plugs into?


@b264 The one with the resistor inside


Also if anyone has 3 5.5mm male bullet connectors i need some



or anyone in the UK.

Do you have a spare 6x2 inner tube?


I have one that I am not using but it’s inside a 6 shooter plsno :disappointed_relieved:

I’m sure Ben has one but if not I could pry it out for you


Thanks, lets see what happens.

Trying to make a kegel/abec core offroad wheel


Not a spare one but it could be loaned?


I think Brent has me covered, he will also be sending it with the sixshooter s


I have one somewhere but I’d need to find it, and I’m in Aus