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Video, Problem ? SK3 Motor Noise Under Load


Got myself a turn on GSK3 to 275KV motor, it has been perfect for the last six months and recently my battery died while I was skateboarding in Barcelona , so I grabbed onto a friends scooter and he pulled me along, all of a sudden my motor goes into braking mode and is stiff, I get home and I charged it but every time I ride it I can hear a horrible noise when it’s under any kind of load ? If any ones has any of the problems I have experienced please share ,
[https://youtu.be/HUyxzJJYAhk() check out the video link


It is a short my friend … Some internal wires are touching…Unless…where the phase wires connect to the ESC (bullet connectors) are some how touching…

Take a whiff of the motor…does it smell of burnt wiring ?


You may have a short circuit either across the phase wires or worst case inside the motor, is the motor harder to turn by hand than before?


To be honest I have no idea to tell about the smell, but I thought it would be something about the bearing ?


You know after I heard the video… It could be…9
Or some metal in the bell housing or something


No, the motor still functions the same plus the noise , but I used to be able to accelerate the skateboard without any load , but now it coggs sometimes


Interesting, could be the ESC then, if you got towed the motor generates current, could be that damaged the ESC

If it was a bearing you’d hear it when turning it by hand as well


Take a tug at the phase wires…also see if you can move the shaft like your twisting the motor while holding the wheel and see if there is movement that shouldn’t be there…like the shaft moving when it shouldn’t or the phase wires moving back and fourth…


Omg i never thought of that!! I will look into that and hope it works with a new esc, thanks


If nothing with your hand … Turn the wheel so it turns the motor … What do you hear? What do you feel?


Probably put too much power back into the ESC. Usually best to unplug the wires from the motor if you are going to push it anyway.


Easy way to find out if esc…if you have another ESC to use to test motor or other motor to test


I’ve noticed a slight amount of friction and rubbing in the motor when I turn it, but I don’t know if that would be the cause of the noise


Get a can of air to spray any debris that may have been sucked in while riding … And see if that helps … The stronger the air the better

Edit: this is the lazy don’t wanna open it method


Yeah I have a spare esc I’ll try, hope it works


Take your motor apart and inspect it, might be able to see if there is any damage


They’re a pain in the back side to disassemble but I guess I’ll have to


anyone able to identify a problem with my motor?


Mine sounded kinda like that and only wanted to spin in one direction. Took the can off and there was a rock stuck in there.