Vesc V4.7 for sale **sold**


I have a few V4.7 vesc for sale. 80$ each shipped within the US. 150$ for 2 shipped.

Comes with xt60 connector, capacitor pcb all wrapped in shrink. 2.18 fw is installed.

Here is a video of 2 of them working


how good is the quaity? compaired to a vesc from enertion or ollin?


These are enertions vesc that i cleaned up


what condition are they in? i dont want to buy them and have it stop working within a month


well… look at the video :stuck_out_tongue: they are very functional


why are you selling them ?


updated the prices


can you ship outside the US?

can you tell me the price for 1 unit + shipping to Israel?


i’m not crazy about international shipping, just got a few quotes and they are all over 40$… in my opinion it’s not worth it.

So i will restrict shipping to north america only.