I’m also a Mac user, and need to have a Ubuntu VM as well.
Could you make a pull request of your changes ?


Yeah. Will tidy it up over the weekend and do a bit of testing just to make sure it doesn’t break other platforms, etc.


You might be aware of this but commenting or un-commenting #CONFIG += build_mobile in the .pro file will build the mobile UI. In my opinion this UI needs a lot of love before it will feel good to use but it is at least workable on the phone screen.


That’s good to know. I’ve spent a bit of time looking through the VESC protocol stuff, but the UI and QT Creator is something new to me.

VESC Tool UI does look to be lagging a lot of the other options available, but it seems like the right spot to focus development. There’s probably 5-6 apps on this forum that all seem to do the same thing but not everything we want, it’d be nice if it was a little less fractured.

Of course the GPL issue gets in the way a bit. One possible workaround would be to distribute a compiled ipa/app file, would skip the requirement to install Qt (16GB WTF!) and maybe even Xcode. BUT, they’d still need to signup for a dev account (free) and jump through a bunch of provisioning hoops and these can be a real PITA.

Honestly, as you stated above Vedder needs to get in contact with all other contributors/copyright holders and ask for different licensing terms for this to end up on iOS ‘proper’. I’d go so far as to say he should also require copyright assignment (just like Qt does). Oh and someone will need to get him on a Mac with iPhone/etc for testing. Probably won’t hold my breath…


Yeah imagine if your software had a bug that you knew how to fix that prevented a large percentage of your user base from using it. Then you just told people rather than fixing it to just buy different $500+ electronics.

I think if Vedder could figure out the legal side he could rely on someone to help him test/debug the ios implementation, obviously it can’t be too insane if it only took you a bit to get one semi-functioning. I can’t imagine there would be a huge outcry against a careful dual license to enable app store distribution and maintain GPL everywhere else. Licensing isn’t my area of expertise though :slight_smile:


Is this new VESC tool software compatible and work well with the Maytech VESC?


Hi, Benjamin always assures max compatibility with all Hardware revisions. Latest Firmware for all Hardware revisions is included.
It’s lots of extra work for Benjamin to make this happen. If you like the App please consider to give Benjamin some support.



Hey, I’m confused: which Bluetooth modules besides the trampa one work with the mobile vesc-tool, and what exactly do I have to do to get them to work?
I have one of @JLabs modules which I’m hoping I can use with this.


Our modules have a custom Firmware, written by Benjamin, and they have the correct connectors and pin connections. So that is plug and play for our VESC 6. We ordered more connection cables so that you can connect them to any HW 4.xx ESC (plug and play). Cables should arrive within the next weeks.
You can also use the current cable, get yourself a female JST-PHR 7 Pin connector and pop that onto the cable ends. A needle does the trick to get the individual cables out of the 8 Pin connector we supply. No big issue, 5 mins job.


Besides trampas bluetooth module you could also use Metr Pro that works out of the box with the VESC tool. It comes with a cable so it is plug and play. You can find more infos about that module here:

The other option would be to buy a “standard” nRF51822 module and some sort of programmer on eBay/etc. and flash it with Benjamins firmware like it is described here:

The standard HM-10 modules will not work with the mobile VESC Tool.


Hi Hexacopter, did you incorporate Benjamins FW into your new module?



No. With Metr Pro we are using a different chip (not the nRF51822) that is running its own written firmware.


I Know that you use the NRF52 series. I was just wondering how you make it compatible to VESC-Tool BLE if you are not using Benjamin’s initial FW code base.


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So what is the consensus on an IOS version?


As long as Apple doesn’t change its App Store policies iOS versions are not GPL compatible.
Since Benjamin published his code under the terms of the GPL, iOS users have an issue.


It’s possible, someone just needs to build it in Xcode and release it