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VESC setup issues


Just got my 2 new VESC’s and when i connect either of them to BLDC tool onlt COM1 says connected for a couple fo seconds and then “No firmware read response”. I’ve tried multiple versions fo BLDC and they all have the same problem. I am using two LiPo batteries in series, i know its not ideal for configuring the VESCs but its all I’ve got. i don’t have any kind of power supply. was wondering what i could do to fix it


Try the refresh arrow ( next to the connect button)


Nah. Doesn’t work. And a reboot doesn’t work either


Did you plug in and turn on the Vesc before opening bldc tool ?
Also you could be experiencing a com port conflict.
Try using a different com port


Your problem might be the usb wire. Change it and see if anything happens.