VESC repurposed T shirt


Came across this Shirt had to post this for you fanatics out there.


I don’t understand this shirt…


me neither…


me neither…


me neither…


me neither…


It’s actually for a Volvo car. That’s the reason it exists lol


The shirt also says you wouldn’t understand hahaha


I wanted to improve on the streak of 4 me neithers but ok.


Hey I’m surprised people are liking it. Or am I? Hahaha,


it’s hilarious…I would get one. It fits right in to all the frustrating VESC issues I read about on the forum.


Finally someone who has a sense of humor


I am going to wait until I burn out my first VESC before ordering one!


That’s it right there.People keep trying the same thing hoping for a different result. That’s the definition of crazy by the way. I burnt mine out in the first 4 miles. Sent in for warranty exchange but got smart and ordered a 12s esc for a back up to keep me running. That way I won’t be down when I wait for repairs lol. Now thats a Vesc thing you wouldn’t understand unless you had one. Hence the shirt. It runs smooth when it runs and people like the features.